Wednesday, July 23, 2008

June Beetles and Peach Brown Rot

As peaches begin to ripen they are prone to have insect and disease problems. In particular, june beetles and brown rot can destroy most of the fruit on the tree. June beetles are attracted to ripening fruit and will congregate in large enough numbers to completely consume the fruit. The picture shows not only june beetles but wasps and hornets feeding on ripe fruit.

The feeding injuries are prime sites for brown rot infections. Brown rot develops quickly on the fruit and can also spread quickly to other fruit on the tree. The peach shown in the bottom picture has brown rot on over 50% of its surface and is beyond salvaging.

In order to protect fruit from insects and diseases, peaches should be sprayed on a weekly basis beginning 4 weeks before anticipated harvest. Some stores carry a product that already has the insecticide and fungicide mixed together. Make sure you get thorough coverage to prevent brown rot from becoming established.


PSchnee said...

I was looking forward to a banner year for fruit until Brown Rot struck. Turns out that the Surround @ Home spray I tried this year didn't include a fungicide. So much for trying to go organic!

I got a good yield out of my Sentrys in late July, then nearly all the fruit on my Lorings and Blushingstars started showing signs of Brown Rot 2 weeks ago. Now their leaves are also turning brown and some limbs are oozing sap. Yet the Sentrys show no signs of the problem.

I'm concerned they won't survive the winter.


coastalhoney said...

I have plum & citrus trees, and they're always being eaten literally by the brown beetle, I think.I also think it could be caterpillar, Im not sure. But they just dont grow. The first plums on one of my trees have been eaten. I have previously sprayed all my trees with maverick, a type of citrus & fruit spray, & a organic spray, & neither did a thing. They get like a brown spot too, and basically end up turning to devastation. Ive pampered them, fertilised, them even put shade cloth around them. I just dont know were to go from here now.

Bill Hanlin said...

I tried a home orchard spray that contained neem oil. I believe I got fairly good control, but we had a dry year. One word of caution, do not mix neem oil with captan - seriously phytotoxic.