Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pest Alert for Commercial Growers

Codling moth trap catches have dropped off to less then 5/trap in 3 out of the 4 monitored orchards. The 4th orchard is next to an abandoned orchard and has a history of high trap counts. It looks as though we are through with the 2nd generation codling moth emergence. Treatment for the 3rd generation emergence should occur at 2250 degree days, which should occur in early August if weather conditions remain the same.

I have been finding some leaf damage in all of the orchards that I have been scouting. The picture to the right shows a crinkled leaf on top, and what looks like leaf miner mines on the bottom. Dr. Turner Sutton has examined photos of the leaves and says it is classic symptoms of freeze injury. These leaves may turn yellow and drop off, but the good news is the condition will not get worse. The number of leaves that are affected is a relatively small percentage per tree.

Disease pressure still remains low at this time, even in unsprayed blocks.

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