Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Orchard Pest Status - July 3

Codling moth trap counts are averaging 12 per trap and the degree day model is at approximately 1500 dd. The moths should be about at the end of the 2nd generation emergence. Third generation codling moth emergence should begin about 1900 degree days which will be in about the end of July, depending on weather conditions. Dr. Walgenbach does stress that if trap counts remain high in your orchard then additional insecticide applications may be necessary.

Japanese beetles have been showing up for a couple of weeks now. Sevin is probably the most effective, and least expensive, insecticides available. Other insecticides will work so check the apple spray manual for recommendations.

I am seeing other minor insect activity but nothing to be concerned about. Diseases are also very low in orchards that are being sprayed.

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