Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pest Alert for Commercial Growers

Codling moth trap catches in the Brushy Mtn. area of North Carolina are on the rise. Average trap counts are at 27/trap and the degree day model is at 1300 on June 25. The high trap counts signal the beginning of the emergence of second generation codling moths. Those growers with a history of moderate to high codling moth pressure should consider applying 2 insecticide applications approximately 14 days apart.

European red mites are showing up in a few area orchards, particularly in those orchards that have had a pyrethroid applied this season. Treatments are recommended in orchards with over 5 to 10 mites/leaf. High mite populations can lead to defoliation, especially in those varieties that are susceptible to alternaria blotch.

Spotted tentiform leaf miners are also showing up at this time. From the leaves that I have examined, almost 30% of the larvae have been parasitized so no treatments are recommended for this pest. In past years, the parasite has controlled STLM at satisfactory levels.

Few diseases are showing up at this time (probably due to dry weather).

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